Tim Anderson

Head Coach

Head Coach

Tim Anderson was named Midland University’s first powerlifting coach in the spring of 2016. He comes to campus with a world-class resume having led the USA World Bench Press Team to 12 team awards at international events in the past four years. He was responsible for competition strategy, team selection, and overseas travel and training for competitors as a coach for USA Powerlifting. Anderson has his senior international coach certification through the USA Powerlifting organization.

Anderson is active in weight lifting himself as he has won the International Powerlifting Federation Masters World Championship for the past three years. He was the 2008 IPF Open World Bench Champion and was the USA Powerlifting National Champion nine times from 2006 to 2015. He currently holds the IPF Masters and the Open World Bench records, along with multiple American records.

Coach Anderson comes to Midland with 27 years of competitive experience. He spent ten years on the USA World Bench Press Team where he gained extensive expertise in specialized competition benching, training, techniques, and the use of powerlifting gear. A highly respected member of the powerlifting community, Anderson serves as a USAPL National Referee and has been a USA Powerlifting Meet Director for more than 20 USAPL sanctioned powerlifting meets, including three national events. He has also served as the USAPL Nebraska State Chairman for the past two years.

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